A true story that will change your mind

A true story that will change your mind king sentenced the minister with a mixture of sorrow and anger. At that time, the traitors were punished for leaving them in front of hungry dogs.

But the minister expressed one last wish that he had spent so many years of his life in the service of the king, that is why he only wants to spend ten days happily with his family. The king obeyed him considering his last wish, but put a guard at the door of his house so that he could not run away.

The next day the minister took a pack of hundred coins and went out of the back door of his house and went to the man who looked after the dogs that were to eat it after ten days.

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He gave that person a bundle of coins and said that he would give him a hundred coins every day for ten days, in return he would let him take care of those dogs. It was good for the person that he would not even have to work and he would also get the money, he agreed. The minister started taking care of those dogs, he took great care of them, gave them food and played with them.

Similarly, ten days passed, the day also came when the minister was to be punished. He was left with those dogs but everyone was surprised to see that the dogs were not eating the minister but were insisting on playing with him.

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