biggest companies in the world

biggest companies in the world does not know Amazon today? ecommerce Means amazon. Amazon is an ecommerce company that runs its online site (US) and (India) But almost all categories of products like Electronic, Grocery, Clothing, Furniture, Kitchen Ware, Books, Home Decoration, Beauty Products Sells online etc.

Amazon is not only the world’s largest ecommerce company but also the world’s 5 largest e-commerce company. (Biggest Company In the World) Amazon also has its place.

Amazon started in 1994 with a small garage whose foundation is Jeff Bezon Who is today the second richest person in the world. Jeff Bezos was the richest person in the world in 2021 with a net worth of $177 billion.

Amazon not only delivers online products but also provides almost all of the products on the Internet. Involved in all services business, Amazon has acquired many other big companies, some of which are well-known companies. Amazon Prime, AWS, Amazon Kindle, Amazon Alexa (Virtual Assistance Service Provider), Amazon Drive, Amazon Music.

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