how amazon started

In 1998, Bezos thought that why not sell other categories of products other than one category through Amazon. and after that he Video games and music Also started selling through Amazon. In this way he Product Category and since 1998, Jeff started selling not only books but also video games and music on Amazon.

Things started working and by 1999, the Amazon company Revenue increased to 600 Million Dollar, Jeff is a very ambitious and visionary person. By 2000, Amazon had become a big company. Pictures of Jeff Bezos from America appeared in famous magazines, But Jeff didn’t stop there.

In 2000, Jeff bought Amazon a ecommerce marketplace made. This means that now third party vendors (Any other businessman) can join with Amazon and list your goods here and get your goods can sell online In return, Amazon will take some commission on the sale of goods. and this of Bezos Business The idea made history.

Now not only Amazon Books, Video Games and Music Was limited till now, but now Amazon was selling all categories of items on its site. By this time Amazon is the world’s largest ecommerce company It had become But Amazon was constantly working on new ideas, working on the model of improving itself and working on reaching its services to as many customers as possible and was successful in this effort.

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amazon today internet business She has spread her feet in every field. Amazon comes in the list of top 5 companies in the world. Amazon is the second largest company in the world after Apple with a market cap of $1.27 Trillion Is.

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