How much is 1 yard?


How much is 1 yard? : Friends, in ancient times, there were many units to measure any object. by which the object was measured. But some of these units are still used by people to measure agriculture or anything else. Talking about the earlier times, the measurement of the field is done by the use of kattas.

But today’s time has become modern. Lekhpal people nowadays measure the field with the help of tape and gunia. Apart from this, there were many other types of measuring units. In today’s article we will tell you yard Will give information about

1 Gaj Kitna Hota Hai
1 Gaj Kitna Hota Hai

Who is called Gaj? 1 Gaj Kise Kahat

who are you callingFriends, Gaj is a very old Indian measuring unit, our Indian people have been using the yard for a long time, by which the people of old times used to measure their fields, barns or the roads leading to it or the road, but now-a-days There are many measurement units available in the form of measurement, such as – foot, inch, centimeter, meter, etc. The measurement is available, so let’s compare the yard with the other measure like how many feet are in 1 yard.

1 Gaj Kitna Hota Hai? , How much is 1 yard?

It was a measuring unit of an ancient time. The old people used to measure the length of their fields, roads, paths etc. with the help of gaj. But in today’s time many measurement units have come. By which you can easily measure the field. In today’s time, centimeter, length, foot, inch etc. are used as measurement units. The relationship between yards and other units of measurement is as follows.

  • There are 3 feet in 1 yard.
  • There are 36 inches in 1 yard.
  • There are 0.91 meters in 1 yard.
  • There are 300 feet in 100 yards.
  • There are 965 yards in 1 bigha.
  • There are 9 square feet in 1 yard.

Similarly there are other scales as well. Gaj unit is most commonly used for the measurement of roads, fields, plots, roads etc.

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1 Gaj Kitna Hota Hai [Video]


Which is the oldest measuring unit of India?

Well, there was a whole unit of measurement somewhere. But today many of those units are not used. Gaj is the oldest unit of India.

What are yards?

Yard is an ancient unit of measurement. By which measurement of fields, roads etc. can be done easily.

How many yards are in 1 bigha?

If yards are measured in 1 bigha, then it will be equal to 965 yards.

What is the measurement of yards done in the modern era?

In today’s time, the measurement of land or any other place is done with the help of measuring tape and gunia.


Friends, in today’s post we have told you What are yards? How are yards measured? 1 Gaj Kitna Hota Hai, Its information is given in this post. I hope this post will prove useful to you. If you liked the information given in the post, then definitely share it with your friends.

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