How to use time properly?

How to use time properly that he started walking on the river and while walking he reached the other end of the river and came back in the same way.

“Look, I am more capable and efficient than you. I can walk on this river. My Siddhis, Meditations and Knowledge There is more than you, but still I did not make myself known.

Swami ji just smiled at this, so the boatman came, Swami ji made the sadhu ji sit with him on the boat with great love and respect. Both sat on the boat and crossed the river Swamiji gave one rupee to the boatman.

And then asked the sadhu ji, “In how much time did you learn this meditation and knowledge of crossing the river by walking? ,

Sadhu Maharaj said proudly ” Totally fifteen years. ,

Swamiji smiled again and said “Did it benefit anyone else?.. No! When the knowledge acquired by you cannot benefit even a little bit of the society, then that knowledge is in vain. Imagine that you spent fifteen years of your life on such an education which has no justification, you could have done this work in fifty paise also. I spent my time for the betterment of the society that’s why people know me. ,

Friends, in today’s time, the world is full of people doing useless things. A person is busy in such work which is neither of any use in his own life nor can any other person benefit from that work.

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For example today children are sitting at home is busy playing games on mobile or computerDue to which neither they are able to study properly nor do any such work while playing the game, which can benefit them, their family or the country.

Time is very precious and using time we should keep on doing some work which is good for ourselves and others also. Because once time is out of our hands, we cannot get it again.

Every person wants to be successful in his life, and achieve the goal wants to do But the person is not able to succeed in his purpose due to not using the time properly and if he is asked why you were not successful, then his answer is that Wasn’t lucky or didn’t have time That I could do something different.

But the truth is that every person on earth has the same amount of time, everyone has 24 hours in a day and everyone has 365 days in a year. It matters how and in what we spend our time. Therefore, we should acquire the importance of time as soon as possible and the ability to use time properly.

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