Top 5 Best Online Earning Apps to earn money sitting at home

Best Online Earning Apps friends, if you also want to earn money from your phone, that too through the app, then friends today I have brought information about Top 5 Best Online Earning Apps for all of you, with the help of which you can earn money sitting at home.

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Well friends, there are many apps to earn you money, which tell you that you can earn money, but hardly any are like this, but friends, the top 5 Best Online Earning Apps that I am going to tell about are very useful for you. can come and millions of people can trust it and earn money with its help.

Although Money Making There are many ways of doing things, out of which there are many work and some are such that you have to work very hard on the genes, then something can be done. Everyone’s dream is that they have some kind of work with the help of which they can earn money and why not have this dream! After all, the world is running because of this.

Nowadays it is the era of smartphones anyway and there are many such genuine apps on playstore with the help of which money can be earned, especially for domestic women and students, it can become an even better way. So guys let’s know now Google Play Store That’s about some such special 5 Best Online Earning Apps.

1. Loco – Live Trivia Game Show App –

LOCO :- This is a gaming app, in which you have to play games, this app has about 10M+ downloads and also its reviews are very good, in which it has a rating of 4.4.

Now if we talk about this app, then in this you have two Live Quiz Sessions of 15 Minuts daily, whose timings are at 10 in the night and 1:30 in the morning, in which you have to give correct answers to all the questions asked in the Quiz. You get Paytm Cash.

In the questions asked in thisCurrent Affairs, General Knowledge, Technology, Cricket, Games, Politics, Bollywood“Etc. Which you have to answer, apart from this, you can earn some extra by sharing this app with your friends.

The most important thing about this app is that it supports “Hindi” language, if you want, you can use it by setting it in Hindi. And the second most important thing is that in this you can get your winning game price through Paytm and its price amount is 500. are starting from. Which is increased according to the number of people playing the quiz at the same time.

2. Dream11 Game : Earning App –

DREAM11 :- This game is better for cricket lovers, because this game is completely based on cricket. Where every question is related to cricket, with the help of this many people win lakhs of rupees every day.

This game remains the most favorite of the people at this time because most of the people are interested in cricket and this game is based on that. To play Dream Game, you have to download this app, for which you can go to its website. Download can do.

After which you will have to create an account in it, after that you will see all the matches list happening in it. From which you have to select the match according to your mind, and then to join that match, its price is fixed, which you have to pay online.

After doing all this, you have to choose 11 players of your team. Read this post for more details ( What is Dream11 Game How to play it?) Then when the match starts and according to the performance of your selected players, you will get points accordingly. If your selected players play right then you can win up to lakhs of rupees if all goes well according to your ranking.

3. Keettoo App –

KEETTOO :- This app works in a different way, in which you connect different brands to one advertising platform, which means that all its users can see different types of advertisements of all types of brands on this app. gets money.

Its specialty is not only this, in fact it is the keyboard of an Android phone, which has all these features inside, with the help of this you can do many things.

When you will install this app, then it will ask for some permission from you which you have to allow and register yourself on it and create an Id. After that it will send you a notification, by clicking on which you will get one rupee per ad for the advertisement shown in the app. You can redeem the money earned in this by connecting this app to Mobikwik or Paytm Wallet.

4. Kwai : Video Social Network App –

KWAI :- This app is also a good way to earn money which has been very much discussed. And there is a reason for this too, because this app is a funny video making app, since all these people do more in India, then it became famous very quickly as well as you can earn money from this, then people use it more. Started liking

At present this Kwai App has 50M+ downloads and ratings are also very good. In this app, you just have to make a video and put it, for which you get money, you just have to make a video of 15 seconds with your phone’s camera and put it in it.

After some time after making a video, you get some coin, after which you get 100 coins, you get a dollar. Yes, you get your money in dollars in this, which you can put in your account through Paypal.

Also, apart from earning money by putting videos in this app, there is also a contest in between, if you win it then you get reward. Also you have to keep in mind one more thing that you only have to use your phone’s camera to put a video on it and you have to put the video from that only then it will be valid otherwise you will not be able to earn from it.

5. Meesho: Work From Home App –

MEESHO :- In this Meesho App, you are made a Reseller, in which you have to sell its products with your customers. Even if you don’t have any customers, you can WhatsApp By sharing its referral link with the group or your friends, you can send further quotations by adding your upper margin on it.

If he likes that product and wants to buy it, then you can send it to your customer by adding your margin on that product, if he buys then you will get your added margin money from Meesho within 10 days. Send money to the account.

Its special thing is that you only have to sell their products and items, adding your margin, they will do the rest themselves. When your customer places the order, after that you just have to fill his address and name in Meesho, after which these people deliver the order to your customer.

Conclusion –

In the last few words about all these Earning Apps, I just want to tell you that you can earn good money through all these apps but it is special for those people who live at home or are students, because these You can earn money from it but only worth your expenses.

So I hope friends, you have liked this post and the information about these apps and you must have understood these Top 5 Best Online Earning Apps How did you feel after reading this, tell me by commenting, and for such updates, please tell us Facebook Page associated with.

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