Motivational Story

Motivational Story in Hindi: An eagle laid eggs on the top of a very high hill. She took great care of those eggs. Within a few days, children also came from those eggs.

He also took great care of those children. Slowly those children also started growing up and flying one by one they started on the journey of their life.

And in the same way they all also flew away but one eagle could not fly even after trying very hard. As soon as he reached the end of the mountain while running to fly, he stopped panicking. He was afraid to move on. Also he was afraid of heights. He could not fly even after millions of attempts. The rest of the eagles would also make fun of him whenever he met him. Due to which he was sad, trying to fly, but could not fly.

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The female eagle started worrying about what would happen to that eagle after that? How long will she take care of him?

One day a friend of that female eagle came to meet her. The female eagle narrated the whole situation to him. The eagle listened attentively to everything.

From the very next morning, the friend of the eagle started training that eagle. He started teaching her to fly. The laughter of his companions echoed in the ears of the eagle, due to which he learned to fly with his heart, slowly he also started flying. He learned to fly first at a lower altitude, then at a slightly higher altitude. Gradually he learned to fly at very high places. But he still felt nervous when he flew over the hill.

But even after trying a lot, he could not fly the eagle, now he was getting frustrated with himself. And friend Baz was also getting angry.

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